We use a scheme developed by Babcock called ‘No Nonsense Literacy’ for the majority of our writing units.  These units are based around a high quality text which are used to teach the children a range of grammatical features, sentence constructions and punctuation.  The units used will depend on the particular needs of the class.

The units consist of 3 parts:

  • Imitation – We usually learn section of the text together using a map. We all learn the structure, vocabulary and grammar together - so we can use these features in our own writing.
  • Innovation - We write a text based on the one we've learned. We change or 'innovate' some elements - a character or setting maybe - but, the structure and main story stay the same.
  • Invent - We write our own text from the imitate and innovation phase. Our teachers use this to assess the children’s progress.

Each half term, the children have an opportunity to write their own choice of text in a child-led unit. 

There may also be occasions where a particular text, piece of media or unit of work links specifically to a topic from the wider curriculum.  Creating links to other areas of the curriculum really helps to secure their understanding and creates a real context for their writing.

See our gallery below for examples.


Pupils will take part in guided reading sessions with their class teacher as well as many other reading tasks throughout the week. All children will have a reading record book where they are encouraged to record what they are reading both at school and at home. Below are some recommended books for each year group and also some information on how you can help your child to develop their reading.

Accelerated Reader

At the Junior School we use the Accelerated Reader Programme to support children in becoming independent readers who love books and enjoy reading for pleasure.

We use an online reading test at the start of each term to determine the children's level of comprehension. They are allocated a range of books that they can understand and enjoy. At the end of each book the children carry out a short online quiz that checks their understanding and awards them points.

As they get the quizzes right and score more points they move to more complex books.  Quizzes are now available to take at home via the link below, which can also be found in the useful links section of our website.


Spelling, Grammar and Handwriting

As well as during their main Literacy sessions, children will also have other sessions on spelling, grammar and handwriting. Spellings for the current half term can be found in your child’s homework book.  There is a spelling test each Friday.