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Ladysmith Nursery is run by Ladysmith Infant School, which was proud to be awarded the “Outstanding “grade in its most recent OFSTED Inspection.

One of the bonuses of being within a school dedicated to young children is that the Nursery children also have access to the extra resources which the School offers, such as:

• the Nature Trail
• the School hall
• a specially designed children’s kitchen
• a music room
• children’s lunches cooked on the premises
• the expertise of the entire School staff including a dedicated special needs co-ordinator.

We have lots of space available. Our two main rooms are organised into separate play areas such as:

• wet and messy
• art and design
• construction and large block play
• dressing up and role play
• computers and quiet reading area
• dedicated snack area

We also have a large room dedicated to physical activity with lots of age- appropriate equipment. Lunches are served in the nursery dining room to provide that essential feeling of security for the children.

The outdoor environment here at Ladysmith is effectively an open air classroom which complements and supports the activities taking place indoors.
The children spend a lot of time out of doors where we have created a safe environment which awakens the imagination and inspires creativity. Through physical activity, children learn to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas through play and active engagement. They also develop important physical skills.
We have a variety of outdoor toys, games and facilities, both in the open air and under cover. The children help to grow, harvest and prepare vegetables on our vegetable plots, and at the end can have the fun of eating them! This involvement helps to generate a healthy attitude towards food.

What do the children learn?
We follow the statutory Foundation Years Curriculum. The Nursery teacher and her team have designed a programme which provides structured activities in a robust learning environment, which is hidden behind play, investigation and exploration. The children play happily, never realising how much they are learning!
Activities are delivered in small groups which take account of each child’s unique qualities – and the fact that each child learns and develops in different ways and at different rates.
Our goal is to make sure that every child leaving the Nursery has the essential firm foundation on which to build future academic, social and emotional success. Our children learn to be resilient, capable, confident and self reliant – and fully equipped for school.

Come and see us

This information only provides a snapshot of what life is like at Ladysmith Nursery and is no substitute for a visit. If you are thinking of placing your child with Ladysmith Nursery, then please call us (01392 271596) to find out more and arrange a visit. We can accept children on a full or part time basis.