School Structures

The Infant and Nursery School
The Infant and Nursery School welcomes children from the age of  three up to the age of seven. There are two Key Stages within the school each having their own curriculum.
Foundation Stage
Children often join the school as part of the Nursery and can attend on a part or full-time basis. In Reception there are three classes, each with no more than 30 children. Each class has a full time teaching assistant. We have a Foundation Stage Leader who works with the Nursery and Reception staff.
Key Stage 1
In Key Stage One there are three year one classes and three year two classes, each year group having up to 90 children within it. At the end of year two, the children usually move onto the Junior School, just across the road. 
The Junior School
The Junior School covers  years 3 to 6; known as Key Stage 2.  We have 3 classes in each year group with a maximum of 90 children per year group.  Each year group has a lead teacher who is part of the Middle Leadership Team.  
We have a full time non-teaching Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher.  Our SEND coordinator is also non-teaching and works 3 days a week.
Senior Leadership Team
Our Senior Leadership Team consists of the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, SENDco and the School Business Manager.  
Middle Leaders
Our middle leaders are our 4 lead teachers, English Coordinator, Maths Coordinator and our Curriculum Coordinator.