Our science curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and we aim to help our children develop as scientists through plenty of practical enquiry tasks. Children are encouraged to observe the world around them, ask questions, carry out enquiries methodically and communicate their findings.

We challenge stereotypes which view scientists as ‘distant people’, usually male, working in laboratories wearing lab coats. Instead, we encourage our children to see themselves as scientists and explore the ways in which science is all around us and in the jobs that many of their parents do.

We hope that all our children will regularly arrive home from school describing some ‘Wow!’ moments they’ve experienced in their science learning.

Year 3 Topics: Rocks, Forces & magnets, Light, plants, nutrition, muscles & bones

Year 4 Topics: materials – changes of state, digestive system & teeth, classifying living things, habitats & food chains, electrical circuits, sound

Year 5 Topics: Life cycles, materials – changes, forces, Earth & space

Year 6 Topics: Evolution & inheritance, classification of living things, circulatory system, electrical circuits, light

Upper Key Stage 2 teachers use the Collins Snap Science scheme as the base for their planning and Lower Key Stage 2 use a mixture of planning ideas from different sources.