The GROW Project

Introduction to Ladysmith G.R.O.W.

What started at the beginning of October as just one of our parents planting a few plants has rapidly grown into a group of parent/carer volunteers who are passionate about helping Ladysmith Junior School to provide an outdoor environment for our children which:

  • Is vibrant, interesting and fun
  • Maximises opportunities for inquiry
  • Provides spaces for stimulating and engaging learning
  • Offers a diversity of landscape to support play
  • Encourages physical, emotional and social confidence
  • Supports skills development
  • Promotes independent and creative play
  • Is safe and secure
  • Allows for scientific exploration and discovery
  • Helps teachers to provide meaningful outdoor learning


From this small start the Ladysmith G.R.O.W. (Gardening, Recreation, Outdoor learning and Wellbeing) project took root and following consultations with pupils, teachers, parents and the Devon Wildlife Trust, a core working party has discussed the resulting ideas producing a grand plan which is divided into eight manageable projects.

Although we intend to complete each project in order of priority, there will be some overlap as donated materials, manpower or funds become available.  The majority of the work will be completed by our volunteers and caretaker, except where specialist skills are required or safety is an issue.

If you would like to be involved in the GROW project, please contact Catherine Davis via the Junior School office.

Project Areas

1    Wellbeing Garden                               

2    Sensory Garden                                  

3    Wildlife Area & Staff Sanctuary        

4    Play Zone                                            

5    Raised Vegetable Beds & Path

6    Animal Enclosure

7    Amphitheatre Play Garden

8    Reading Bus Play Garden