Year 2

We would like to help parents and carers support their children while schools are closed. We are working on an online platform for KS1 classes that will enable us to deliver lessons electronically, so that children can keep learning while absent from school. Learning tasks will be delivered via this method as soon as possible. We will update the website with this information as soon as this is complete (Parents will need to give their permission via a ParentMail that will be sent).
Below is a suggested timetable to help you plan your day and keep boredom at bay. Pick and choose from the following ideas:
Online Learning
Activity for Supporting Physical Development: 
Also, remember that children need physical and sensory breaks - which could just be a few mins inside stretching, dancing, lifting, pushing, jumping etc, or outside in garden or wherever is safe. Walking, scootering, trampolining etc is good. These websites can help with some of this:
* Go Noodle, exercise for getting the heart beating and well loved by Ladysmith children:
* Cosmic Kids, Yoga for calming:
* Lots of healthy living activity:
Projects and Creative activity: 
It is also an opportunity to build relationships through 'projects' and sharing things. Cookery, sewing, art, DT are all things that can be done together as co-adventurers. It is also a good chance to keep talking about emotional recognition and identification, physical signs and feelings, expressions etc. 
For our Share a Million Stories Project: Children to draw a picture and write about the best bit of one of their favourite stories. They could also make a model of the setting or a character.
This is a Suggested Timetable, we understand that parents will be multi-tasking and potentially trying to work from home!:
10 minutes of phonicsplay (see link above)
Games and puzzles
Board games, card games, jigsaw puzzles, wordsearches etc
9.45 Complete English task set by teacher. For the first week complete the "Share a million stories" task above.
10.15 Snack and free play (including access to outside if possible)
10.45 Complete Maths activity set by teacher. For the first week try and create your own board game to play. Use an old cereal box for the board and cut out the pieces, use bottle tops etc. If you don't have a dice, make a spinner with a pencil in the middle.
Creative activity
Drawing, modelling, colouring, play-doh, cooking, lego, painting, craft activity
11.45 Reading and sharing stories, could include access to BugClub
12.00 Lunch and free play (including access to outside if possible)
1.00 Complete topic/project related task set by teacher. For the first week, make a poster to remind the family to wash their hands.
1.30 Online learning, including Doodle Maths for at least 15 minutes
1.45 Physical break (Yoga, Go Noodle, cycle ride, gardening, dancing, obstacle course)
2.15 Household chores (Tidying bedroom, helping with the washing, doing the washing up, hoovering etc)
3.00 End of the day activity: Singing, counting, games such as "I spy" or "Hangman"
3.15 Shared story