Year 5 - 13.7.20

Week Beginning 13.7.20
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You will need to look at the Summer Term Week 11 videos.
Other Learning

Movies and Magic 

Sometimes what looks like magic is actually science! In this programme, pupils will look at magic and movie tricks for inspiration and find out how it’s done. They explore how things are done to make movies look realistic, and investigate whether some of the themes or technology from the movies could be possible in real life.

The activities are introduced with a quick objective and a preparation guide. Individuals or groups can then work through the challenges to achieve the results. The main subject topics are science, mathematics, design and technology and computing.

Background information, extension ideas and top tips are provided, together with student guides and instructions. This resource has been created by STEM Learning to support the STEM Clubs Programme and has been developed in partnership with STEM Club leaders.

We created guidance videos to talk you through the activities - watch them here.

Ongoing Activities
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