Design Technology

At Ladysmith Junior School we aim to deliver a Design and Technology curriculum that helps to prepare our children to join in our world’s ever developing technologies in an exciting, inventive, creative, safe and fun way.  Design and Technology is a subject that encourages children to think creatively and solve practical problems. Through a process of research, planning, making and evaluating, children apply their learning to solving a meaningful real-world task. Practical skills such as creating structures and mechanisms, choosing and using appropriate tools and materials, adding electronic components to models, and healthy cooking techniques are taught as a way to solve problems alone or as part of a team, developing their ideas sensibly and accurately culminating in an end product. Children will also discover that faults and problems in designs or products can be evaluated and overcome, that products can be changed, amended or improved and that this is acceptable.  Design and Technology provides many opportunities for using skills learned in maths and literacy lessons, as children need to be able to communicate their ideas and plans effectively and be accurate when preparing materials and ingredients for their projects.