Our Mathematics curriculum aims to build mathematical fluency, the understanding of key concepts and the ability to reason and solve problems by applying mathematical skills.

As John Holt, writer of the classic education book "How Children Fail" says:

A pupil understands a mathematical concept, idea or technique if he or she can: 

  •       *describe it in his or her own words; 
  •       *represent it in a variety of ways (e.g. using concrete materials, pictures and symbols); 
  •       *explain it to someone else; make up his or her own examples; 
  •       *see connections between it and other facts or ideas; 
  •       *recognise it in new contexts or situations; 
  •       *make use of it in various ways.

These beliefs underpin our teaching and assessment of mathematical understanding at Ladysmith Infant and Nursery School. Further detail is available below - see our Maths guides and policies for more details. A link to the GFletchy videos is also helpful in understanding the development of mathematical concepts.

Doodle Maths is an app that parents can download and to which each child has a log-in. Click below to see a you tube clip about it. The powerpoint presentation is also available below.