Music at Ladysmith Junior School contributes to the whole curriculum. We consider music to be an important part of a balanced curriculum and a key part of our school identity. It develops skills which benefit many other aspects of school life and provides children with another means of expression, enriching the creative and spiritual aspects of their personalities. We aim to develop the children’s knowledge about music by involving them as composers, performers, audiences and critics.                                                                                            

We regularly enjoy singing together as a school and believe that this contributes to mental health.

We incorporate Wider Opportunities into each year group, where every child learns an instrument as a class. This exposes all children to a variety of instruments to a standard where they are able to choose to continue tuition to a higher level, if they wish. Currently class tuition (taught by the teacher, supported by the music co-ordinator) covers this range:

  • Year 6 - brass
  • Year 5 - ukelele
  • Year 4 - tin whistles (similar to the recorder)
  • Year 3 - taiko drumming

Other units of work use classroom instruments of tuned and untuned percussion, keyboard and even sounds in the environment. Work complements other curriculum areas wherever possible.

Peripatetic tuition is available in a range of instruments, by visiting teachers, for children who wish to learn a particular instrument for a longer period of time.

A singing club and small instrumental ensemble(s) are extra-curricular groups for children who show particular interest and talent.

There are opportunities for children to perform for parent/public audiences with our Christmas show in year 3 and 4, a Christmas carol concert at St Marks Church for year 5, and a combined schools concert in the summer term.

We are traditionally very proud of our musical performance and achievements, and the end of pupils’ time at Ladysmith Junior School is celebrated with an amazing year 6 musical show.