PE and School Sport Vision Statement


At Ladysmith Junior School we recognise the value in a rich, varied and high quality PE curriculum coupled with a broad and innovative range of after school Sports Clubs.

Our school recognises the important values and skills learnt though sport which can support learning in a range of subjects and areas.

We appreciate the significant impact PE and school sport can have on the physical, mental and socials skills of an individual and particularly those with SEND.


All pupils benefit from at least 2 hours of curriculum PE and additional after school sports clubs.

Our PE curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils continue to develop a range of fundamental movement skills building on from their foundation in KS1.  Pupils’ skills are further developed and applied across a range of sports and activities as well as providing them with an awareness of healthy and active lifestyles, improved emotional well-being, improved focus, concentration and behaviour.  We also give them the opportunity to develop key skills such as leadership, confidence, social and team building skills. In school PE we have also tried to provide children with opportunities to develop skills in sports they may not have otherwise done and created links with local sports clubs to provide these sessions.

Each child, during their PE journey at Ladysmith, will develop their physical literacy and will learn about themselves, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, self-expression and concepts such as fair play and respect. Their experience will also contribute to the development of a range of important cognitive skills such as decision making and analysis, and social skills such as teamwork and communication as well as their physical skill development. Participation in competitive intra and inter school is a key element to the curriculum. We ensure the activities we offer are physically active for sustained periods of time in order to encourage them to lead healthy, active lives. Pupils have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in which they can build character and embed values such as fairness and respect.


Physical education in Ladysmith Junior School encourages pupils to be active and supports them in their understanding of how to participate safely and effectively. They understand the barriers to participation and work to overcome these for themselves and others.

Regular participation in sport and physical activity can help to reduce the risk of heart failure; improve physical fitness; help with weight management; promote good health; instil self- discipline; develop skill; improve self- confidence; reduce stress and develop lifelong skills.