Physical Development

Children need support to access the required amount of physical exercise needed for a healthy life-style. Research shows that children are generally less fit than their predecessors, so we have a programme in place to increase physical exercise levels and to develop their skills across the different disciplines.
The following strategies are in place:
  1. *We have worked with a consultant at OPAL to transform our lunchtimes. Children spend up to 20% of their school week in the playground. With research demonstrating that children actually get a better cardio-vascular work-out when involved in high quality outside play,  "loose-parts" play has become an important part of increasing children's physical activity at school. 
  2. *We employ a sports coach to work with the children on multi-skills. These are the skills needed for them to enjoy and participate in competitive games as they get older. Alongside this, teachers work on other physical skills including dance and gym with "go-noodle" used to inject either activity or yoga into the classroom. See below for a link to "go-noodle". There are many links in this area with our PSHE curriculum.
  3. *Children have regular breaks in class with 5 minute "go-noodle" sessions. These can either be to increase blood circulation around the body, or by using the yoga programmes, can be calming and encourage reflection and wellbeing.
  4. *Teachers incorporate dance into the curriculum alongside planning for other areas. There are strong links in this area with expressive arts and design.