Understanding the World

Understanding the World covers a number of subject areas that are taught in more depth in KS1. They are:

We are incredibly lucky to have a large and specious site which allows us to offer the following:

*A newly updated computer suite with PCs, iPads and a teaching screen enabling a whole class to access the computing curriculum which includes the teaching of online safety and simple programming.

*A Forest School Room, which has class sets of wellies, waterproof coats and trousers and a great range of linked materials, including a study area and teaching screen.

*Our Forest School Outdoor area, used by our trained forest school practitioner and all of the children. This is a large natural area, full of trees and wildlife including a pond, a fire pit and amphitheatre. Science teaching is brought to life through practical and regular access to the natural world, materials and observation of changes that occur over time.

*A children’s kitchen complete with two double ovens, enough equipment for whole class teaching and built-in child height worktops. Food technology is very important to all at Ladysmith, with children being aware of the link between the food grown in the garden, cooked in the kitchen and eaten in the canteen. 


Very often it is the subject areas contained in "Understanding the World" that drive our teaching in Key Stage One. For example, our Year Two Autumn term curriculum is built around the topic "water" and incorporates key concepts from science, history and geography. This is achieved through careful planning on a half termly basis, when all teachers in the team work together to ensure that their curriculum knowledge is shared and developed.


We use the Devon agreed syllabus for the teaching of religious education. The children in the foundation stage cover the following questions:

*Why is the word ‘God’ so important to Christians? [God]

*Why is Christmas special for Christians? [Incarnation]

*Why is Easter special for Christians? [Salvation]

*Being special: where do we belong?

*Which places are special and why?

*Which stories are special and why?

In Key Stage One, they study the following:

*What do Christians believe God is like? [God]

*Who do Christians say made the world? [Creation]

*Why does Christmas matter to Christians? [Incarnation]

*What is the ‘good news’ Christians believe Jesus brings? [Gospel]

*Why does Easter matter to Christians? [Salvation]

*Who is a Muslim and how do they live? [God/ Tawhid/ibadah/iman]

*Who is Jewish and how do they live? [God/Torah/ People]

*What makes some places sacred to believers?

*How should we care for others and the world, and why does it matter?*What does it mean to belong to a faith community?