Federation Governor Vacancy

Wanted - School Governors for the Ladysmith Federation of Schools


The Ladysmith Federation is made up of two schools on Ladysmith Road in Heavitree, an Infant and Nursery School and a Junior School with a brand new building which opened last Easter.  The two schools provide education for approximately 650 local children.  The Federation has a very active and dedicated Governing Body made up of parents, staff and people from the local community, although this last group is underrepresented at present.  Governors would like to increase the amount of local representation from people who are not closely connected with the schools and could provide an independent perspective.  Whilst we have input from many skilled professionals we do need to broaden the range of expertise on the Governing Body and would welcome representatives from the local Business Community.


If you are interested in becoming a School Governor or would just like to have more information about the role and the time commitment please email Jo Gawler Collins, the clerk to Governors, on clerk@ladysmithfederation.net  with your contact details to arrange a discussion.