School Uniform

We encourage all children to be part of the Ladysmith Federation community and wear their school uniform. The branded uniform jumpers and polo shirts can be bought at Thomas Moore in Exeter but any burgundy sweatshirt / fleece / cardigan is acceptable.

Nursery: There is no set uniform for nursery but children will need a waterproof coat. We ask that they are sent in with spare clothes, in case they get wet during the day.  


Whole School:

Grey/black trousers

Grey/black shorts

Grey/black pinafore dress, grey/black pleated skirt

Blue and white checked or striped dress

Burgundy or Grey tights

White/ burgundy polo shirt or open neck shirt

Burgundy sweatshirt or fleece


P.E. Kit

(required in the Summer Term only for Infant and Nursery)

Navy shorts, Ladysmith burgundy polo shirt or White T-shirt, Trainers

In the junior school, football boots are needed for activities on the field


No jewellery should be worn other than one pair of stud earrings for children with pierced ears. No make-up is to be worn and pupils should not come to school with hair dye in.