Online Safety



At Ladysmith we take online safety very seriously. Within the school network, all our computers and email systems are monitored to ensure our children stay safe online. The internet connection at school is filtered and protected using the most up to date technologies to help ensure that we provide quality access to the internet to enhance learning.

We have a comprehensive online safety policy along with acceptable use policies for staff and pupils, these are available to view on our school policies page.

We all realise how important it is to keep our children safe when they are online and using the internet. Please have a look at this website by Internet Matters. You will find lots of tips and advice on how each member of the family can stay safe as possible when surfing the web.

Please click this link for more information on keeping children safe online on the Internet Matters website.


Most children today have access to the Internet through a variety of different devices, at home and at school – through phones, tablets, games consoles, laptops and PCs.

They play games and use apps that allow them to chat with other children, share videos and photos and make in game purchases.

It can be hard to keep up to date with all the apps and games that are available to your children but we hope to be able to help you by providing information on this page.

A good starting point is:


Net aware provides guides to a variety of different apps letting you know what you can do in the app, the recommended age ranges and what any risks might be. These are some of the key ones to know about:

TikTok is a social media platform that lets you share and discover 15 second video clips.

Minecraft – is a game that lets you build, create and explore virtual worlds with building blocks.

Roblox – is an online game and app where you can create and share your own games and games that others have made. There is an option to chat to other players.

Instagram – is a popular photo sharing site, it is possible to comment on other people’s photos.

WhatsApp –  is an instant messaging app which allows you to share photos, videos, text messages and make calls.

Snapchat – The snapchat app lets you send videos, photos and messages to your friends which appear briefly and then disappear:


Check out this page for guides to many more games and apps: