Vision for Every Child

As a Federation we have worked closely to develop our Vision for Every Child. All of our children are equal and yet unique, with their own special talents and needs.  This vision is our commitment to do the very best for all of the children and families who are part of Ladysmith.

Our Vision for Every Child


  • To develop self-motivated, ambitious, independent, caring and happy children
  • To provide a rich and exciting curriculum which engages and motivates  
  • Everyone has the ambition to be as good as they can be in all aspects of their learning
  • To promote an active and healthy lifestyle with good mental wellbeing and an understanding of how to stay safe


  • Provide enrichment opportunities for all which challenge, capture curiosity and develop imagination
  • Provide opportunities for children to discover and develop their unique interests and talents
  • We help children to understand our rapidly changing world
  • We embrace and value diversity within our own community and beyond


  • We recognise and celebrate achievement in all its forms
  • We have high expectations in everything we do
  • We do everything we can to ensure that every child is successful
  • We provide a secure supportive environment in which children can achieve their full potential